Drumlin Ridge Wines are currently only available in our tasting room.

Chardonnay 2014

San Luis Obispo, CA – Our signature coastal style Chardonnay, displays an abundance of peach, citrus, spice and mineral aromas. We have built our Chardonnay’s complexity by fermenting small batches, and joining them together in French and American oak to build a crisp finish.

Pinot Gris 2016

Lodi, CA – Our 2016 Pinot Gris is a delightfully rich, complex wine with aromas and flavors of pear and green apple with a light mineral tone. Smooth with bright acidity that leads to a lingering crisp finish.

Riesling 2015

Lodi, CA – Our 2015 Riesling offers notes of orchard fruits like apricot, honey-crisp apple, and pear, along with a distinct mineral aroma. Our dry style Riesling pairs well with most spicy foods.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Lodi, CA – Our 2016 Savignon Blanc is dry with herbaceous notes of  bell pepper and lemon grass and flavors of green apple and white peach.

Symphony 2016

Lodi, CA – “A Symphony of aromas and flavors” Fresh and pleasant fruit aromas blend melon, grapefruit and a hint of peach with light notes of herbs and wildflowers.

Viognier 2016

Lodi, CA – Our 2016 Viognier demonstrates lighter perfume aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossom, with fruity flavors of mango, tangerine and creamy vanilla.

Wauna White 2015

Lodi, CA – Our 2015 Wauna White offers light fruity floral notes of citrus and lychee with a hint of lemon pepper leading into a delicate mineral finish.  Wauna White is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Symphony and Viognier.